• baby hair brush

    This young couple are packing baby hair brush, They look so sweet, Do a good job!  
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  • measuring spoon

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  • Buy Buy Buy

    We will buy more injection molding machines in the end of this year.Thank all of our customers!
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  • Two containers

    Two containers

    Thank god! It is sunny after small raindrop ,we finished two containers.
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  • busy August

    Every workers in Forever-Moving are very busy, there are a lot of orders.We want to have a summer holiday…..
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  • In principium MMXVIII

    In principium MMXVIII

    Principio MMXVIII noster procurator noster Tracy maxima venit ad Beijing elit. Satis erat stipendii qualitatem. Daturum pollicitus est nobis in annum imperium sociat eos possumus sperarent.
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